Thursday, April 22, 2004

Quote for the Day

"Politics is very profitable activity."
Miroslav Buličić (Miroslav Bulicic), mayor of Split in an interview conducted a year ago

In spite of all predictions, Buličić remained in office. On today's session of Split City Council, motion for his removal was supported by 11 right-wing opposition councilmen, 12 belonging to "left-centre" coalition rejected it and 2 abstained.

There would be a lot of cynicism when media starts trying to find explanation why 2 councilmen belonging to opposition changed their mind at the last moment. Regardless of the way it was the reached, the result of today's vote is a victory of common sense. Citizens of Split should be spared of having to spend their tax money on pointless elections and administration that would have only six months to do anything.


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