Saturday, May 01, 2004

Fair Weather and Inept Forecasts

RTL Televizija started airing its regular program yesterday. I haven't seen much of it, so I can't comment.

But I had time to watch the most talked about part of their program. That part was also the shortest – weather forecast. They advertised it with the words "Let weather be as fair as our weathergirl". Weathergirl in question was Renata Sopek, former fashion model recently pronounced as the Croatia's sexiest woman by self-appointed "expert team" of Globus magazine.

I watched that broadcast and all I can say that Renata Sopek's performance leaves much to be desired. Sopek might look beautiful, but her attitude in front of camera doesn't strike me as particularly professional. Paola Poljak, host of Nova TV's weather forecast, might not appear on Globus cover, but she can wipe floor with Renata Sopek any time.


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