Saturday, April 24, 2004

Bad Boys of Croatian Television

Josip Katalenić (Josip Katalenic), aspiring young singer and member of jury for Nova TV's Story Supernova Juniors music talents show, has recently got plenty of bad publicity. Reports of traffic accidents and gun-wielding in the streets were followed by dramatic statement from Katalenić's father. He claims that the young Croatian star recently suffered "nervous breakdown", "lost 11 kilograms of body weight" and is currently being treated by psychiatrist.

This news is followed with the report of Rene Bitorajac, actor best known for his role of Serbian soldier in Oscar-awarded No Man's Land, breaking the arm of parking attendant. Bitorajac is currently hosting Coca Cola Music Stars talent show on HRT. I didn't see yesterday's instalment, but there is talk about Bitorajac being suspended by HRT.


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