Monday, May 17, 2004

Serbian JFK Saga Continues

Goran Svilanović (Goran Svilanovic), former foreign minister of Serbia-Montenegro, was guest on yesterday's HRT talk show Nedjeljom u 2. There he informed Croatian public about rumours that are currently circulating in Belgrade.

According to rumours, Milorad Luković "Legija" (Milorad Lukovic "Legija"), former leader of Serbian paramilitaries and chief suspect in murder of prime minister Zoran Đinđić (Zoran Djindjic), is going to use rather original defence at the trial. He is going to claim that the assassination was supposed to be staged as a pretext for huge purge against organised crime (which was conducted following the assassination). According to Legija, the fake assassination was part of the deal with Đinđić – only the prime minister's bodyguard was supposed to get killed. However, mysterious third party got involved and made sure that Serbian prime minister gets killed instead.


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