Thursday, May 13, 2004

Salam Pax: The Movie

So, they are going to make a feature film about Salam Pax a.k.a. Baghdad Blogger.

This is undoubtedly going to create a lot of speculation in the blogosphere. I think this is going to be relatively low budget production.

Casting is going to be a little bit of problem. Major Hollywood stars are going to stay out. I've seen how Baghdad Blogger on BBC and he is not likely to be played by the likes of Banderas or Orlando Bloom. Colin Farrell, if he goes "De Niro" and gains some 10-20 kilograms, is the only major league star I can envision as Salam.

Depending on the script and producers' priorities, there would be place for other real life blogosphere characters to be played by Hollywood stars.

I envision Susan Sarandon as most likely candidate for the role of Diana. Character of Riverbend could be played by Michelle Rodriguez or Eliza Dushku.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, my considered judgment (now that I live here too) is that "Riverbend" is a fraud. Too many inconsistencies between the little attempts at 'local color' she has and what is actually going on on the ground in Baghdad. You think she would have mentioned the whole city erupting in celebratory gunfire the other night when the Iraqi football/soccer team beat the Saudis...but I guess that little tidbit didn't make it to Dubai, or London, or wherever she's parked her butt and her laptop to make the world believe she's in Iraq. But that's just the latest "dog that didn't bark"; there have been others. Plus she's had my e-mailed invitation to join me for lunch in the Green Zone and vent her spleen to some folks here for some time. Not even so much as a rude decline. Nope, she's not the real thing. She may be an Iraqi, but if she is, she's an expat; she's not here.

By the way, Dragan, you are aware the new blog format makes posting comments a drag if you aren't already a blogger?

-Colin (cmalberts@[warmpost].com)

9:05 PM  
Blogger Dragan said...

I think she still deserves benefit of the doubt. She is not the first nor the last blogger to be particurlarly selective in her choice of events or issues to blog about. I too often don't have much time to blog about everything important or interesting that goes in my country or city.

I still haven't made my mind about whether to use Blogger's comments or reintroduce external Comments service. The former would have all the comments archived together with the post.

9:35 PM  

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