Friday, May 07, 2004

Killing For Money, Balkan Style

Another tragically underreported story, which is probably not going to make much impact in blogosphere (although it should because it is related to issues for which Rumsfeld is currently being grilled) comes from Macedonia. Ljube Boškovski (Ljube Boskovski), former Macedonian deputy interior minister and couple of his associates are charged for murder of six Pakistani and one Indian illegal immigrant. They lured immigrants from Bulgaria to Macedonia, than shot them in cold blood and later staged the scene to look like genuine anti-terrorist operation and their victims dressed up as dangerous Islamist terrorists. The motive of the killings was allegedly Macedonian government's desire to get financial aid from US government by presenting itself as country totally dedicated to War on Terror.

Sadly, this story is related to Croatia. Boškovski is Croatian citizen and veteran of 1991-95 war. He disappeared and many speculate that he sought shelter on Croatian soil. As Croatian citizen, Boškovski is unlikely to be extradited to Macedonian authorities.

Interestingly (and menacingly) enough, the only segments of the world media willing to pay much attention to this story belong to Muslim world. Something tells me that in the long run this crime might indeed turn Macedonia into battlegrounds of the War On Terror.


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