Friday, May 07, 2004

Mate Granić (Mate Granic) Busted!

In 1990s he used to be the most popular of all politicians in Croatia, liked even by those who couldn't stand his boss Tudjman.

In late 1990s he was widely believed to be Tudjman's successor.

In late 1999 and first days of 2000, following Tudjman's death, all opinion polls showed him as clear favourite to win Croatian presidency.

In early 2000 he was widely believed to lead transformation of HDZ from rigid nationalist into gentler and kinder moderate conservative party.

In Autumn of 2003 he was widely believed to be kingmaker whose party alone could bring Sanader and HDZ to power.

Following fiasco of his DC party on 2003 elections, former Tudjman's foreign minister Mate Granić did the right thing and stepped down as party leader. He was supposed to retire from politics.

But today, Croatian media are all over Mate Granić. Former foreign minister is arrested by police following classic sting operation related to case of illegal sales of shares of Rade Končar (Rade Koncar) company. Granić is arrested together with Darinko Bago, chairman of Rade Končar administrative board.


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