Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Granić Update (Granic Update)

Zagreb County Court investigative magistrate has refused to start formal proceedings against Darinko Bago and Mate Granić (Mate Granic). This is second time that Zagreb investigative magistrates are throwing out criminal charges against prominent Zagreb businessmen and politicians. Željko Žganjer (Zeljko Zganjer), head of USKOK, investigative body that had gathered evidence against Granić, has announced that he would appeal against the decision.

That news was accompanied with reports of Granić being hospitalised, apparently suffering heart problems because of his arrest.

It is too early to tell what County Court and Supreme Court would decide, but this represents huge setback and embarrassment for Žganjer. Of course, some would accuse Croatian judiciary – not known for its crime fighting zeal – of being in awe of such prominent defendant that only short time ago used to be part of national political establishment.


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