Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Scandinavian Brotherhood

Taking their cue from the traditional practices at Eurovision Song Contest, Swedish and Danish soccer team expressed their regional solidarity and drew yesterday's European Championship game at 2-2, thus making sure that both teams advance to the next stage of competition at the Italian expense.

At least this is the way yesterday's game is going to be interpreted in Italian media, which were accusing Swedes and Danes of fixing the game in advance.

I wonder whether the same things could happen if Croatia and Serbia-Montenegro (or Bosnia, Slovenia and Macedonia) find themselves in the same situation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! That's an interesting proposition. Nah! I don't think so. Although everything is allowed in love, war, and football. So never say never, I guess. From what I hear, it was a fairly even game and probably not fixed. Odlican blog! Bas sam te dodao na moju listu blogova koje redovno posjecujem i citam. Bojan (

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