Friday, August 20, 2004

Protest Worth Supporting

I can't resist expressing my admiration and support for this exercise in American right of free speech. My own aesthetic preferences don't have much do to with it. Simply, when people join military, they are supposed to make sacrifices for their country, protect their fellow citizens etc. Improving sex lives, conforming to unrealistic beauty standards and raising someone's low self-esteem shouldn't be on that list.

However, there is additional reason why I don't like this newest propaganda stunt by US Army. It could give all kinds of funny ideas to various non-US entities, including Croatian government. Especially during election campaigns, when Jadranka Kosor makes all kinds of wonderful promises to Croatian veteran population (to which Sanader later finds convenient excuses not to deliver). According to some statistics, there are between 500,000 and 600,000 Croatian citizens who enjoy official status of "Croatian defenders" – in other words, they have in some way participated in 1991-95 war. Although many dispute that number - President Mesić (Mesic) said that with such manpower Croatia could have finished Serbia off in less than two weeks – it is very certain that some various veteran privileges can be claimed by large number of women. Such taxpayer-financed makeovers could present a huge burden to Croatian state finances. Therefore, I would really like to see USA not giving such harmful example to countries like Croatia.


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