Friday, August 06, 2004

Severina Out of Big Brother

According to latest reports, Severina Vučković (Severina Vuckovic) has decided not to be the host of Croatian version of Big Brother.

Among the candidates most likely to fill that spot is Nina Badrić (Nina Badric), Croatian pop diva who made great deal of fuss by publicly mocking Severina long time before 11 Minutes That Shook The World.

Another candidate is Andja Marić (Andja Maric), former fashion model and rock singer. She is better known for rather explicit criticism of other Croatian pop and rock musicians than for any song of her own.

Both Badrić and Marić have a little bit of mean-spiritedness and misanthropy in their public images. As such, they could be very good hosts for the show that often presents people – both the contestants and the audience – in not so positive light.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahah nina badric is a just a fat stupid pathetik looser.... while andja maric is a smart a55

12:36 PM  
Anonymous zoki said...

andja je zakooooooooooon

9:34 AM  

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