Sunday, September 19, 2004

Big Brother Croatia – The Day After

Big Brother Croatia is one of those modern cultural phenomena that follow certain pattern. Everyone is disgusted with the low standards of entertainment industry, everyone thinks of the entire concept as dumb and boring, everyone ridicules people who are obsessed with it and everyone feels sorry for those poor souls who wanted to become famous by taking part in it. And everyone is glued to the screen, of course., site famous for breaking Severina's video story, has followed the show with rather mild criticism of the hosts - Daria Knez made few blunders – and their own psychological profile of the contestants. I think that they made predictions about early exits and possible winners:

Ana – she would go far, but not until the end
Ozren – until the very end
Sanja – early exit
Krešo (Kreso) –he would go far
Marina – she would go far
Saša (Sasa) – he would go far, but not until the end
Egle – early exit
Alen – until the end
Antonija – early exit
Filip – first one to go
Valentina – she would stay, but just for a while
Zdravko – he would stay, but just for a while

This prediction doesn't take into account possible alliances that might develop among contestants, as well as tactical voting during nomination stage. For example, Sanja, Egle and Antonija might create faction of Not So Good Looking Girls and try to get rid of Good Looking Girls (Ana, Marina and Valentina). They could target one of them and nominate some cute boy. Teenyboppers, who tend to be the most important electorate in this kind of contests, would vote the Good Looking Giorl out and keep their beloved Pretty Boy in the house.

Of couse, this grand strategy demands tight co-operation and discipline. Sanja might very well monkey-wrench this scheme by being obnoxious and utterly dislikeable to male half of Big Brother House.

Incidentally, official site is up and running.


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