Friday, September 03, 2004

Zalina's Choice

I guess other bloggers, more informed, more talented, more objective and less overwhelmed by the images on CNN, are going to make much better job of blogging about this day's tragic events in Beslan.

I was trying to blog about Zalina Dzandarova and terrible choice she had to make. I was trying to compare her plight with one of the most memorable scenes in Sophie's Choice. But it seems that someone has made that comparison before.

Yet, this little incident, more than anything else, shows with what kind of evil the world is facing right now.

What happened today is something that goes beyond any politics. No matter what some may think about independence of Chechnya, abuse of human rights, imperialism, War on Terror, Bush vs. Kerry etc. one thing is absolutely clear. What was done towards hundreds of innocent children is lowest of the low. In my part of the world many tried very hard, but never came near that point.


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