Sunday, August 29, 2004

Another Gunfire in Split

Blanka Vlašić (Blanka Vlasic), favourite daughter of Split, is going to return to her native town without Olympic medal. Flu proved to be too much of a hurdle, as well as intense pressure by media who, despite her health problems, already saw her on the pedestal and considered any other result as national treason. Blanka, deprived of her Olympic glory, is going to return the town where it doesn't take much for idolatry to be replaced with ridicule and smear campaigns. Inevitably, certain malicious rumours already attribute Blanka's health problems to a rowdy night in one of Split's cafes.

On the other hand, Blanka can comfort herself that the Croatian public, as well as her fellow citizens of Split, would soon forget her Olympic fiasco. Croatian handball team has just beaten Germany, won an Olympic gold and caused citizens of Split to express their joy by firing guns in the air.


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