Saturday, August 21, 2004

Misleading Names

Judging by its name Feminnem, newest Croatian girl band is supposed to be some feminist equivalent of tough, outspoken, controversial "take-no-prisoner" performers.

Their first videoclip tells quite another story. Volim te, mrzim te is just another tasteless and forgettable pop tune, in many ways not so different from those that "immortalised" Saša, Tin and Kedžo (Kedzo).

But the most telling is the videoclip itself. In it Pamela Ramljak, Ivana Marić (Ivana Maric) and Neda Parmać (Neda Parmac) are wearing outfits and using dance moves that wouldn't be out of character for certain entertainment establishments of ill repute.

Natalie Dizdar of Story Supernova Music Talents fame was more fortunate. In the videoclip for her song Ne daj se she is almost unrecognisable and lets her best asset – voice – do all the work. Compared with Feminnem that clip is embodiment of good taste and quality music.


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