Thursday, November 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Harmony of Words and Action

Last night's festivities in Big Brother House left plenty of material for the editors of tonight's daily summary. Needless to say, they have put them to good use. Unfortunately, new programming guidelines prevented RTL Televizija from showing Alen and Marina throwing up, so this left little context for the scene of them two sleeping in same bed (with indifferent Valentina on the next bed). This night's daily show, of course, included Alen's hissy fit and ended with the shot of him crying alone in bed.

This apparently had some major effect on Big Brother fans. For the first time in almost two months, official Big Brother site is inaccessible.

Another reason for increased traffic is Zdravko's last night's faux pas, which is very much in line with something he had said in Confessions Room one day earlier. In tonight's TV summary Marina finally went on record and settled the issue for good – when asked whom he finds attractive, she said that she is attracted to Zdravko's looks; she also said that she wasn't attracted to Alen.

The viewers are probably going to make some interesting conclusions based on Zdravko's action and Marina's words. Zdravko and Marina too appear to explore this possibility, at least judging by the way they talked to each other in the backyard few minutes ago, completely oblivious to cold air and Valentina.


Before the tonight's daily summary, one of the on-line polls had Željko (Zeljko) having 58 % of eviction votes to Alen's 42 %. Less than two hours later, the situation has changed – now Željko has around 56 % to Alen's 44 %. It is too early to tell whether we could talk about balance being tilted or whether sudden increase of anti-Alen sentiment could keep this momentum. In any case, if Alen gets out on Friday, there would probably be less outrage and conspiracy theories about vote fraud than in the case of Sanja.


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