Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Bad Plan

It appears that the producers of Big Brother Croatia show made many mistakes, and one of them is apparent absence of any long-term plan. It seems that the producers simply don't have any clue how to solve certain problems that arise in the latter stages of the game and which everyone with the prior knowledge of other countries' Big Brothers could have anticipated.

With the three out of final four contestants known and fourth being next to certain, there is very little drama in the House. With their numbers significantly dwindled, housemates are becoming increasingly aware that the end is coming and for all of them, in one way or the other, the actual end becomes reward in itself. They looked bored and depressed and the production team has to employ all kinds of tricks of manipulative editing to create some kind of content worthy of 50 minutes of prime time television. In doing so, the editors are also falling into the trap of predictability so the viewers are again and again treated with the all-too-familiar images and situations – Antonija putting the brave face and cheerfully expecting the inevitable; Saša (Sasa) smashing things up; Alen and Marina's "relationship"; Zdravko trying to act "cool".

If this situation continues, it is very likely that the ratings for Big Brother Croatia plummet in a very dramatic way. Apart from the Friday's eviction show and Boxing Day finals, there is very little audience can look forward too, except some kind of very special event like the arrival of Playboy model. RTL Televizija executive can be pleased about To sum jas – ex-YU equivalent of Big Brother – not being on any of Croatian national televisions. If those two reality shows were competing with each other, the show in Skopje, Macedonia would have wiped the floor with the show in Zagreb.

Again, more interesting events are those out of House. Nikola Macinić (Nikola Macinic), Alen's father, is preparing to shave his head as he had promised on Friday. He also stated that he would shave his moustache in case of his son's victory.


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