Friday, December 24, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: The Last Panel

First Croatian Big Brother was scheduled to end on Boxing Day. Because of that Christmas, together with trees, Christmas songs, snow and other elements of Christmas atmosphere was always part of the show's script. However, on December 24th nature refused to cooperate with the show's scriptwriters so they used artificial snow instead.

The snow is important because Croatia's first reality show, just like many TV shows in the world, has to have its Christmas Special. It is going to be aired live this evening, immediately after the regular TV daily summary. There are speculations about some kind of surprise – celebrity guests or something else to make this Christmas special to housemates. Whatever RTL Televizija has in store for housemates, it is just being installed, at least judging by the livestreams that show nothing but empty yard.

While housemates await their big Christmas surprise, the rest of the nation doesn't seem to expect any surprise on Sunday. Anything other than Saša's (Sasa's) win is going to be seen as a vote fraud. On the other hand, RTL Televizija and show's media sponsors need some kind of uncertainty to keep as many phone voters busy as possible. One of such attempts is ex-housemates' panel in today's Jutarnji list. Each of them tried to guess the percentage of the votes. According to their results, Saša (Sasa) will win with 34.8 %, followed by Zdravko's 30.8 %, Alen's 23.2 % and Marina's 12.2 %. Of all ex-housemates only Ozren dared to give 50 % to Saša. Ana didn't feel the need to co-operate with panel and gave 25% to each candidate. Krešo (Kreso) and Valentina are the only ones expecting Zdravko to win. Antonija is the only one expecting Marina to fare better than Alen.

In most likelihood, this panel might turn out to be as inaccurate as those in the past. Saša (Sasa) will win, but with significantly higher margin – around 60-70 %. Marina will end up fourth, with having double digits as her ultimate achievement (although third place isn't beyond possibility, if the older crowd gets more interest in the vote). The struggle for second place between Alen and Zdravko is resolved with Tanja Pureta's intervention on Wednesday and Thurday – Alen, out of depression, is again funny character many see as a replacement for irreplaceable Krešo.


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