Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Melodrama At Last?

Yesterday's events in Big Brother House – reconstructed in tonight's TV daily summary – again showed how some prosaic and seemingly simple details of life could, under specific circumstances and with some clever editing, become earth-shattering events. It also shows how desperate Big Brother Croatia team is for some real drama and some materials to improve their fledgling ratings.

Yesterday morning the livestream was down, leading to all kinds of speculations about what went on in the House. Later it turned out that the housemates received a gift that should help them adapt to real life – a special phone with which they would receive Big Brother instructions via SMS messages.

In the afternoon Marina was called to Confessions Room where she was faced with another marvel of technology – videophone used by her family to wish her a merry Christmas. That was probably the most emotional moment for Marina during her entire stay in House. She broke in tears and joy and spent minutes in manic mood. When asked by other housemates what happened, she refused to tell, thinking that it would spoil their own surprise when time comes for other Christmas greetings.

Last night, when Saša (Sasa) and Zdravko went into Jacuzzi for some private time together, Marina stayed alone with Alen and decorated the House. Discussion developed and the afternoon's surprise became a topic. After some time, Marina finally confessed what was in Confessions Room. This confession was, of course, part of her strategy to stir her "relationship" with Alen in direction most beneficial for her. She said that she sensed some criticism in her mother's words and expressed her concern about the way her family would react to some of the events in the House, namely her using of Alen as a pet.

Alen, on the other hand, is under intense emotional pressure. He isn't sure whether he would get the grand prize and, apart from being in final, the only victory he could get from his stay in House is kind of victory that would help him establish his manhood. And the only way he could do is either to "score" with Marina while staying in House or continuing the "relationship" outside the House. In last night's discussion Marina expressed her concern about the quantity of work in her family's bar she would have to make up for her stay in House. Alen pulled out his greatest trump card and offered to take care of Marina because he was "rich and had his own bar".

Whether this argument worked or not is hard to determine. If his idea was to prove himself as a man of Marina's dreams, only few minutes later he did most
idiotic thing imaginable. He rushed to Jacuzzi to tell Saša and Zdravko about afternoon's surprise and thus prove his manhood – if Marina confided to him, she must have some feelings for him.

It is very likely that Saša and Zdravko told Marina of Alen's indiscretion or Marina perhaps used her own perceptive abilities to come to that conclusion by herself. Alen spent most of today in state of depression while Marina hanged out with Saša and Zdravko.

Tonight, while they were making pancakes, Marina's remark finally led Alen to another of his hissy fits. He wished her a merry Christmas and went straight into Confessions Room. He spent half an hour there, with psychologists, in most likelihood, doing everything in their power to prevent his voluntary departure and another commercial and PR disaster for Big Brother Croatia. In the meantime, Marina was explaining situation to Saša and Zdravko – she again levelled with Alen and told him that their "relationship" won't go to any further level, in or outside House. Saša said to Marina that it was better to say it now than to cause another major heart-break later.

At this moment, Marina, who has expressed fear that Alen might leave, is in Confessions Room. This made Saša and Zdravko very anxious because now they must skip their Jacuzzi ritual and wait for their own turn in Confessions Room.


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