Sunday, December 19, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Big Boredom

The final outcome of the Big Brother Croatia now looks more like a coronation than the result of some kind of competition. Saša (Sasa) is such a formidable contestant that it is very likely that the final vote is going to be one of the least profitable for T-Com. Many fans who in the past used to spend money on evictions are going to abstain from the final vote.

T-Com is not going to be helped in this matter by housemates. In the past 36 hours they showed that they don't think much about competition or grand prize. They are more concentrated on enduring last nine days and they see the outside world as the prize more important than money. Housemates are simply bored and that boredom is going to reflect on the audience. Even the best editing skills can't hide this fact. Tonight RTL Televizija prepares another late night special, this time dedicated to the finalists and best moments in past thirteen weeks.

Last night RTL Televizija again tried to use alcohol as a catalyst for something interesting. Daily task also included dressing up as waiters and then having to impersonate each other. However, the party soon took familiar and predictable pattern. Despite Marina's attempt to mingle with the boys, Saša (Sasa) and Zdravko decided to appreciate each other's company the best and later spent large part of night in Jacuzzi. That left Marina and Alen alone and, predictably, two of them had different ideas what to do when they were finally alone. When Saša and Zdravko returned they were greeted by hours-long quarrel which, predictably, ended with inevitable reconciliation.

The morning after was slightly different. Alen was depressed, while Marina was caught talking to herself. Saša and Zdravko also desperately tried to find something to do other than spending hours on sofas.

At the end, they found something to do. In the absence of anything else, they started deliberating what to do with the money if they win it and what awaits them in the outside world. Saša for the first time admitted to the housemates that he had some debts to pay. Marina, on the other hand, said that she thought of 1 million HRK as "too much for her". Zdravko kept quiet about the money, but Alen didn't. He remembered the informal pact made by housemates at the very beginning. According to the pact, made on Ozren's suggestion, the winner should bring all housemates to vacation in Bali. Alen made some calculations and concluded that the amount of money needed to pay for the expenses would take significant portion of the prize. Alen thinks that the winner should either bring housemates somewhere closer and cheaper – a ski resort – or that the Bali trip should be reserved only for the best friends among housemates. Another issue that worries housemates is the taxes they would have to pay, thus making the grand prize less grand that it had looked three months ago.

Marina doesn't appear to expect the grand prize. She seems more worried about her public perception and expects nobody except her closest family to greet her on the way out. She could probably be very surprised to find out about the dramatic events in Pula last night. According to Večernji list (Vecernji list), Kukuriku Bar, place where Bajlos held a party in honour of their daughter, was trashed when the number of Marina's fans turned out to be larger than expected. City of Pula, including people of all ages, genders and walks of life, came there to seek autographs and express support for their city's favourite daughter.


Another interesting development related to Big Brother Croatia is an offer Antonija received almost immediately after eviction. In Friday's live show, Denis Kuljiš (Denis Kuljis), editor-in-chief of Playboy Croatia, said that she of all housemates should appear on the pages of his magazine. True to his word, he offered a photo shoot to Antonija. She refused, saying that she had appeared naked enough in Big Brother and that she simply can't reveal anything new to the Croatian public.


It appears that tonight's late night special on RTL Televizija is going to be dedicated to last night's party. RTL Televizija calls it "The Night of the Finalists".


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