Friday, December 17, 2004

For Croatia Europe Is East

According to well-informed sources, EU summit has concluded that the accession negotiations between Croatia and EU will begin in April 2005 if Croatia "fully cooperates" with ICTY.

Needless to say, Sanader's government will represent this as a great diplomatic victory for Croatia and final validation of a long dream of Croatia being finally admitted to the family of European nations. This dream was part of every Croatian nationalist's agenda in last half a century or so.

The media commentators, especially those close to government, would imply that Croatian approach to EU also means the realisation of another long dream of any Croatian nationalist – escape from Balkans. This way Croatia becomes part of civilised West and other countries of former Yugoslavia are stuck with the barbaric East. Many will be tempted to see Croatia in EU as repeat of its glorious history – just like in 16th, 17th and 18th Century Croatia is going to be viewed as antemurale Christianitatis, the wall upon which the forces of Asiatic barbaric darkness are going to crush their teeth.

However, just like in many other things, hardcore Croatian nationalists are going to be disappointed. Europe Croatia is going to join is not the Europe Tudjman and other nationalists dreamed of. Today's Europe feels more threatened from the west than from the east. In the grand scheme of things, fighting with USA for supremacy is more important, and therefore, EU must include as many countries and people as possible in order to reach some sort of parity. Croatia is welcome addition, but insignificant in comparison with Turkey.

In an ironic twist, accession of Turkey – the country whose membership in EU defies Hungtington's, Tudjman's and every other "clash of civilisations" doctrines – is now becoming Croatian interest. If Turkey is admitted, than all arguments against Croatia – including Gotovina, imperfect democracy and Hague issues – become irrelevant.

The descendants of people who used to shed blood for centuries in order to prevent Turks from reaching Europe are now embracing those very Turks and do everything in their power to open European gates for them.


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