Thursday, December 16, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: President Schwarzenegger and Other Wonderful News

Last weeks of the first season of Big Brother Croatia are prime example of the fundamental problem that plagues that reality show – what looks like a superb entertainment for the audience doesn't look like an entertainment for housemates and vice versa. Daily task which consisted of housemates reading the "special edition" of Jutarnji list looked like a great deal of fun to housemates, hungry for any kind of word, true or false, about outside world. But RTL Televizija's production team obviously didn't know how to present this fun to the TV audience in satisfactory manner. The audience doesn't know what the housemates have read and the content of the "special edition" could be reconstructed only through discussions in Confessions Room.

What the audience could determine is that Jutarnji list represent another example of the creative crisis that plagues show's producers. While some of the true news were chosen wisely – few housemates, for example, could believe in atrocious performance of Croatian handball team on the recent tournament in Sweden – others showed obvious lack of inspiration. For example, Big Brother Croatia team wants housemates to believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger became President of USA by replacing ailing George W. Bush on the presidential ticket in the last minute. Few housemates fell for that and Zdravko went on record saying that he would insist on going back to House if this turns out to be true.

Those kinds of tasks, regardless how uninspired they might look , are going to be the only thing to keep audience's attention in next nine days. Housemates, with nominations behind them and the last eviction to happen on Friday, are absolved from any pressure and now all they wait is the return to real world. The grand prize seems to be out of their mind. Big Brother does its share of helping them adapt to real world. This evening they allowed housemates to watch a movie for the first time in months and later used that movie as a part of daily task – housemates had to re-enact some scenes. The choice for the evening was Luc Besson's Big Blue.

Marina seems to be the only housemate that awaits the end with some sort of apprehension. Judging by her statements in Confessions Room, she is concerned over the way public could interpret the tactics which had brought her to final. Alen, on the other hand, seems to be concerned over the fact that his "relationship" with Marina is reaching its inevitable end. He tries to deal with it by mostly by self-encouraging rhetoric.

Some tensions might, however, develop in last few days. Saša (Sasa) and Zdravko seem to enjoy each other's company more than they enjoy Alen's, and Alen often interprets this as a snub and often sees his "relationship" with Marina as an excuse. Another source of tensions could be Marina's decision to sleep in the same bedroom with men.

However, even with such tensions, House looks like utopia compared with the way housemates' families react to each other. At the very eve of his daughter's eviction, Denis Tasić (Denis Tasic), Valentina's father, didn't mince words while describing his low opinion of other housemates. In her statement to Večernji list (Vecernji list) Edita Hadžić (Edita Hadzic), Valentina's friend, complained about being snubbed in studio by Nataša Tkalčević (Natasa Tkalcevic), Saša's wife. When asked to comment on those tensions, Pavle Bajlo, Marina's father, proved to be the most diplomatic – he blamed all on the sensationalist media and certain statements being taken out of context.


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