Friday, December 17, 2004

Another Bad Day For Severina

The year that could be described as annus horibilis for Severina Vučković (Severina Vuckovic) ends on a sour note for the woman that used to be top Croatian pop diva.

The decision to punish for breaking the news of her sex video has proven to be even worse than the actual scandal. It contributed to the end of her long-time relationship with Zagreb businessman Srečko Vargek (Srecko Vargek) and brought the animosity of otherwise friendly media. Many saw the lawsuit against Zagreb's news website as nothing more than publicity stunt. Legal experts ridiculed her attempt to extract money from over alleged copyright violation and her claim that the tape was "work of art".

But it didn't look that the trial would end in news site's favour, at least based on the coverage of news site. often implied that judge Krešimir Puškarić (Kresimir Puskaric) gave preferential treatment to Severina and her camp – first by scheduling trial in record time, than by disallowing lawyers to question Severina of her sex life or bring sexologist as expert witness.

Yet, in the end, it turned out that Puškarić was less motivated with helping Severina and more with trying to end the legal tragicomedy in shortest possible time. In today's ruling he rejected all Severina's claims about her video being "work of art" worthy of copyright violation.

While Milivoj Žugić (Milivoj Zugic), lawyer representing, is understandably delighted, Severina's lawyer Miro Mihočević (Miro Mihocevic) says that he would appeal the verdict.


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