Friday, December 17, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Waiting For The Formality

This Friday, unlike any other Fridays, housemates and the audience of Big Brother Croatia struggles with the elements instead of uncertainty. The housemates succeeded in their weekly task despite heavy rain that made their miniature car racing difficult.

It is very difficult night for the hosts and fans who wait for the evictee in front of the House. Temperature is very low, but this didn't prevent fans from expressing their feelings for the candidates in the loudest way possible. Judging by the cheering, it is all but certain that Saša (Sasa) would stay and Antonija would go.

This corresponds with the results of the traditional Jutarnji list panel. Majority thinks that Saša would stay. The dissenting voices are Antonija's mother Jagoda Miliša (Jagoda Milisa) and Pavle Bajlo, Marina's father. The latter would prefer Antonija to stay for a simple reason – with Saša out, it is more likely that his daughter would win.


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