Monday, December 20, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Weakest Link

In the final week of the show housemates are struggling with the boredom each in his or her own way. Marina, for example, reads notes with past daily and weekly tasks over and over again. When other housemates ask her why she do it, she says that she doesn't want to "lose ability to read".

Alen, on the other hand, doesn't handle the last week very well. If the nominations were to be on Friday, he could be the most likely candidate. Yesterday he was depressed for most of the day and the apparent trigger was realisation that Saša (Sasa) and Zdravko, using Marina as an excuse, shut him off from their little exclusive male club. Alen's state was such that Big Brother psychologists intervened by calling every housemate in Confessions Room much earlier than usual. After that Saša, Zdravko and Marina has invested a lot of effort in cheering Alen up.

In situation when RTL Televizija begins to lose ratings war, not only with state-run HRT, but also with Nova TV, it isn't surprising that the more interest Big Brother events are those happening outside House. Today Croatian blogosphere has discovered that Marina's next door neighbour is running a blog. The latest entry is detailed first-hand account of Saturday's party in Kukuriku Bar in Pula, establishment owned by Bajlo family and Marina's workplace. The aforementioned blog entry, accompanied by some images (blogwriter's family has housed RTL Televizija crew in their apartments) also revealed that Pavle Bajlo banned ex-housemate Ozren from attending the party. Some of Ozren's statements, critical of Marina, were too much even for Bajlos, family that tried very hard to act diplomatic towards other contestants.


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