Wednesday, December 29, 2004

RIP Jerry Orbach (1935 – 2004)

Jerry Orbach is best known as the star of Law and Order, but Croatian news site mistakenly referred to him as a "star of Homicide: Life on the Street". This mistake is somewhat understandable, because Orbach joined Law and Order in its third season, which never got on Croatian air. Croatian viewers did see him in the role of Lennie Brisco, but only in the crossover episode of Homicide.

In any case, he will be missed. I loved his performance in Lumet's Prince of the City.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a bit surprised that L&O post-season 2 never made it to Croatian airwaves. While never quite as good as H:LOTS, it nevertheless has always maintained a high level of quality, even today, and in fact I would say that the peak of the show was in the first couple years of Orbach's being on the show, say seasons 3 through 6.

OTOH, if Croatian viewers soured on the first two seasons, I could understand: episodes in the early years spent more time on "street crimes" and rapes/murders in places like Spanish Harlem. When Dick Wolf and/or the suits at NBC figured out who was watching the show, they moved away from this. For the past half-dozen seasons or more, it's been almost only rich people killing each other.

RIP, Jerry Orbach. He was also a great man of Broadway and off-Broadway, too. His 1960 recording of "Try to Remember" from the original cast album of the long-running "The Fantasticks" is still very haunting to hear, and not only as a piece of Eisenhower-era New York entertainment that became, presciently, even more poignant after September 11.

Colin Alberts

11:37 PM  
Blogger Dragan said...

In 2000 broadcasting rights for L&O in Croatia were acquired by Nova TV, new and privately-owned station that quickly became tough competition for state-run HRT. Few months later HRT responded by acquiring rights for L&O: Criminal Intent, spin-off starring Richard Belzer as Munch, popular character from H:LOTS. They aired the first season while the first season of L&O was still running on Nova TV. After that Nova TV apparent lost interest in running the third season and decided to spend money on more recent (and more lucrative) shows like Buffy and Survivor.

Some Croatians, depending on their cable TV operator, are currently able to watch L&O: Criminal Intent on Hallmark Channel.

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