Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Weak Characters and Weak Ratings

According to the article in today's issue of Globus, Endemol Entertainment is deliberating possible lawsuit against the organisers of To sum jas, reality show popularly known as Ex-YU Big Brother. Endemol Entertainment is currently studying the show in order to determine whether the concept was stolen from the original Big Brother or not.

Zoran Ristovski, one of To sum jas producers, has promptly reacted. He issued an official statement naming 20 major differences between the ex-Yugoslav show and original Big Brother. He attributed the eventual lawsuit to professional jealousy which is, according to his words, "sign of weak character".

Original or not, To sum jas is reaching high ratings, even in Croatia where it is available only through second tier network of local TV stations. Unlike Big Brother Croatia, which, according to more informed viewers, lacked more colourful situations like sex and violence, To sum jas delivered what the voyeuristic audience had expected.


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