Thursday, January 13, 2005

Police Killing In Split

Ranko Grković (Ranko Grkovic), 44-year old police inspector from Split and father of four children, was fatally shot last night on the street while trying to check identity papers of a suspect in a criminal investigation. The alleged shooter, 31-year old Stanko Bubić (Stanko Bubic) immediately fled the scene, leaving his stunned friend and two of deceased policeman's colleagues. Police immediately began a massive manhunt.

Despite its recent violent past and large amounts of firearms in private hands, killings of police officers are relatively rare occurrence in Croatia. Needless to say, this murder shocked the nation and talking heads are immediately starting Something Must Be Done To Prevent Incidents Like These mantra. Police officials used this opportunity to ask for greater powers to use force while handling possibly violent suspects, as well as harsher punishments for crimes against police officials.

However, if certain unconfirmed news proves to be correct, all those debates aren't likely to happen in near future, because, in most likelihood there won't be any trial. This afternoon, Siniša Bubić was killed in Mravinci near Split, after being cornered by police and refusing to surrender. The other version tells about suicide.

In any case, I doubt that citizens of Split and Croatian public in general would care much which one of those two stories is true.


According to official police statement, Bubić at 15:00 CET opened fire on policemen conducting search in Mravince. They returned fire and shortly afterwards Bubić was found dead. First indications are that he committed suicide after being wounded.


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