Friday, March 18, 2005

CSI: NY - First Impressions

I must say that I’m little bit disappointed with the first episode of CSI: NY. I like Gary Sinise and it is quite refreshing to see him in non-villain role for a change. But his presence alone wasn’t enough to compensate for the heavy-handed sentimentality and over-the-top villain that belonged to exploitation horror films rather than what was supposed to be reality-based drama show.

I didn’t like the cheap use of 9-11 either. It was clear indication of screenwriters running out of ideas and desperate need to give some serious issues to the protagonist. Spike Lee’s 25th Hour used 9-11 in much better, effective and humane way.

Rest of Croatian blogosphere reacted to the show with more hostility. Any use of 9-11 in American TV shows is likely to bring phrases like “Hollywood propaganda” and “justification of genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan”.


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