Sunday, March 13, 2005

Rare Moment of Honesty

The reasons for the dramatic rise of Euroscepticism among Croatians can be found, among other things, is the lack of proper arguments among the most enthusiastic representatives of pro-EU camp. In other words, Europhiles for years claimed that no amount of blood, sweat and tears is price too high for Croatia to enter European Union, but they simply forgot to tell why European Union represents such a wonderful thing.

Now, when they are put on defensive, they actually try to find some justification for their policies.

Yesterday we heard Zlatko Tomčić (Zlatko Tomcic) saying what many Europhiles say these days. He claims that Croatia must enter EU because it is apparent that Croatia can’t improve its living and “civilisation” standards – good economy, proper social services, living standards – on its own.

Interestingly enough, person who said it just happens to be former minister in Tudjman’s government, former speaker of Sabor and leader of one of major Croatian opposition parties – HSS. He said those words on his party’s convention, held few months before the start of local elections.

It is hard not to appreciate Tomčić’s honesty. As a professional politician – a man to whom Croatians entrust their votes and, ultimately, their heard earned taxpayers’s money – he admitted that he was unable to do what all those Croatians expected him to do – improve their lives and secure this country’s future.

However, in the same time Tomčić contradicted himself by agreeing to run for office despite this admission. In “normal” countries his words should have been enough to stop any realistic chance of being elected as dog catcher.

Then again, Croatia had some even less suitable characters elected to offices, but they didn’t bother to admit their incompetence.


Blogger Serf said...

All EU Loving politicians effectively fall into this category. You should be grateful that at least Croatian ones are honest enough to admit it.

In the UK at least they claim to be running everything whilst giving all of their power over to Brussels. No-one dare to admit that they are not in control, nor do they even want to be.

4:05 PM  

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