Sunday, March 20, 2005

Old Adages

Local elections campaign has started and leaders of top Croatian parties are going to increase their public presence, especially in Zagreb which, due to having 4 times more BDP than national average, remains the top prize of that contest.

Zagreb remains the top stronghold of HNS (recently renamed into Croatian Peoples’ Party – Liberal Democrats), but its leader Vesna Pusić (Vesna Pusic) has some reasons for concern. HNS is under great threat from populist SDP strongman Milan Bandić (Milan Bandic), while HNS still suffers from some of its prominent members being involved in corruption scandals. So, Pusić has promised that she would spend each Saturday by trying to mingle with her fellow Zagrebians in the different parts of the city.

Yesterday, while she was at Dolac market place, she caught a Roma woman trying to snatch her purse. After a brief scuffle, Roma woman said that it was all a misunderstanding and left.

It remains to be seen whether Pusić, who enjoys reputation of one of Croatia’s top social and political liberals, will live to the old adage of “conservative is a liberal who has been mugged”.


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