Monday, April 18, 2005


One of the founders of – first Croatian blog hosting service – has recently posted an article in which he described it as “teenagers’ community blog portal” – or, in his words, “Croatian equivalent of Livejournal”.

He seems to be slightly disappointed with this phenomenon, and also concerned, because having teenagers as majority of its clients brings additional responsibility. Teenage bloggers, unlike adult bloggers, are more likely to be prey of Internet vultures and also more prone to all kinds of irresponsible and immature acts that might bring bad publicity not only to, but also to blogging phenomenon in general.

I think that the bad publicity already exists. Blogging as phenomenon was already greeted with great deal of hostility by Croatian mainstream media. When some blog-related news reaches Croatian public, it usually deals with infamous cases like “Vibby” or show business personalities like Dino Dvornik, who are hardly taken seriously. There are some serious Croatian bloggers, but they tend to show unhealthy devotion to anonymity, which is very understandable for a small country like Croatia, but also counterproductive in the long run.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reaction of your mainstream media explains the need for anonymity. The ability for people to write anonymous weblogs is one reason why they have become such a phenomena worldwide. Keep writing, I am enjoying the read.

5:50 AM  
Blogger zdenka pregelj said...

I often thought about this "anonymity"... and of writing my blogs under my real name. Alas, we come from small countries... And this what you wrote about, made me stick to my anonymity.

10:25 PM  

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