Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Formalities and S/M Union

The formal end of Yugoslavia – in the form of renaming/restructuring of the union between Serbia and Montenegro – caught very little attention in Croatian media. This might be surprising, because "Yugoslavia" was something of a cuss word in Tudjman years – synonym with everything evil and anti-Croatian. The formal end of the entity with such name, if it had happened some twelve or so years, could have caused fanfares in Croatia.

But today Croatians are silent. Twelve years after independence, eight years after the end of war and three years after the end of Tudjman's regime, anything east of Croatian borders is of little importance to an average Croatian. Things like sports triumphs or the doctors' strike are much more on average Croatian's mind. Even the most rabid Croatian nationalists seem to direct their hatred towards those Croats viewed as "not Croatian enough", like President Mesić (Mesic), rather than Serbs.

Besides, even if the end of "Yugoslavia" is really something Croatia should be happy about, Croatians themselves had very little or nothing to do with it.


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