Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Nacional Shifts to Fence-Sitting?

Nacional in its latest issue continues with its strong pro-war stance. Mladen Pleše (Mladen Plese) claims that Croatian government already decided to allow the use of Croatian airspace in upcoming war and also praises Ivo Sanader, leader of right-wing HDZ, for taking strong pro-war stance even before current government.

Incidentally, HB, led by Tudjman's right-hand man Ivić Pašalić (Ivic Pasalic) has also supported war, but Nacional chose not to inform the readers about this fact. Pašalić, man who was crucified on the pages of Nacional as the source of all evil during Tudjman years, doesn't fit in this picture.

However, Nacional editors seem to be aware of majority anti-war stance among their readers so they, for balance sake, included anti-war analysis by Zlatko Rendulić (Zlatko Rendulic) in the issue.


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