Monday, February 17, 2003

Bad Timing and Bad Weather

In today's Slobodna Dalmacija a local engineer proposed comprehensive system of cableways as the best method to curb constant traffic jam in city of Split. Cableways, connecting the scenic top of Marjan Hill in the west of Split peninsula with the Lovrinac cemetery on the eastern edges of town, should also bring some extra income from tourist.

This proposal had misfortune to be published on the day when citizens of Split had few consecutive days of bura – cold northern wind infamous for its effect on the traffic infrastructure on Dalmatian coast. The same wind that shuts down ferry service and closes bridges – including the most important one at Maslenica – would wreak havoc with cableway transportation system. The idea of spending millions of euros on complicated traffic system available only on certain days of year is not the best alternative for Split's traffic woes.

In my humble opinion, Ken Livingston has found much better alternative for London.


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