Sunday, February 16, 2003

Victory and Its Aftermath

Ivica Kostelić (Ivica Kostelic) has won gold medal in St. Moritz. Together with his sister Janica he would return to Zagreb, probably to be greeted by tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people. One important question remains – whether this triumph would be abused by Croatian right-wingers, just like Croatian team winning Handball World Championship.

On one hand, Kostelićs are going to be careful after Nazi scandal. On the other hand, Ivica and Janica's father Ante is member of neo-Tudjmanist party HIP. Such triumphs usually draw the worst out of everyone. Yet, I don't see Kostelićs requesting Marko Perković Thompson (Marko Perkovic Thompson) and his über-Patriotic songs as a musical part of the program.

But there would be some raised right hands in the crowd, that is almost certain.


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