Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Self-Genocide Preparations

Croatian entry into war against Iraq isn't particularly popular among ordinary Croatians. Some of the government's latest moves doesn't help that cause either. As a preparation for war, the government spent 1 million US$ to get 200,000 small-pox vaccines.

This move, which is supposed to protect some 5% of population in case of Iraqi biological attack, could have little practical value or importance, but the most interesting thing about it is the manufacturer of vaccine. Baxter is American firm best known for killing few dozen kidney failure patients in Croatia and Spain with its faulty dialysis machines few years ago. But Croatian government apparently still believes that Baxter could be trusted to provide quality service to Croatian patients. The rants about Iraqi war as nothing more than a way for American corporations to get filthy rich suddenly became very credible in Croatia.

However, faulty vaccines are not that likely to produce mini-genocide in Croatia. So far, Croatian physicians are doing that job without that help. The long doctors' strike has already claimed few dozens victims. There are countless rumours about government declaring emergency, issuing mobilisations or even starting criminal procedures for manslaughter against some of the doctors. In the meantime, Andrija Hebrang, former minister of health during Tudjman's years – whose tenure resulted with endless horror stories and equally impressive bodycount in Croatian hospitals - denies accusations that he is spiritual leader of the strike.

In any case, striking physicians, striking military pilots, grounded jets, potentially faulty vaccines – and government still pushes war option. This looks like a self-genocide recipe to me.


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