Sunday, February 09, 2003

Continent of Losers

Croatia is currently winning ski competitions, handball championships and is even knocking USA in the first round of Davis Cup. Yet, when it comes to economy or politics, Croatia is losing. The latest example is vote for the eighteen justices of International Criminal Court. Croatian candidate Ivo Josipović (Ivo Josipovic) was slated to win the spot reserved for East European countries. But in the fourth round of voting, when regional criteria weren't applied any more, Croatia had to persuade four other East European countries to drop their candidates. Three countries agreed, one didn't, and Josipović ended on the 19th place. None of East European countries fared any better.

This example of co-operation between East European countries clearly illustrates what awaits EU in near future. Decision making in future European confederation, made of few dozen impoverished, ultra-nationalist and selfish East European nations is going to be real nightmare for all those who dreamt about some abstract European unity.


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