Thursday, February 06, 2003

Croatia Goes to War

Croatian President Stipe Mesić (Stipe Mesic) has addressed the nation through state television tonight in order to prepare them for upcoming war with Iraq. Only a week after expressing some doubts about war on state television, his latest address represents clear support for the position of US administration. Powell's UN expose is called "evidence", inspections shouldn't continue "indefinitely" and Croatia "has moral obligation to take part in war against terrorism".

Mesić probably took pragmatic approach. Many European leaders, especially those in impoverished ex-Communist countries like Croatia, couldn't care less about Iraq and many would probably oppose the war in private. But since Americans seem so determined to go to war, opposing USA would have little effect and supporting USA, on the other hand, could bring some political benefits.

Defence minister Antunović (Antunovic) has already announced Croatian logistical support for American invasion, while Foreign Ministry formally supported American position. The only doubters are in Sabor, and they are soon going to be silenced.

Of course, all that has little to do with Croatian public opinion. According to majority of polls, those supporting American invasion are in single digit numbers. But lack of popularity for such move doesn't concern current Croatian government. The issue is not of any practical value for Croatian citizens, at least for now.


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