Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Another Privatisation Nightmare

Croatian governing coalition is likely to survive the row over privatisation of "Sunčani Hvar" (Suncani Hvar) holiday resort. But that privatisation scandal was replaced with another one – sale of state-owned Sisak ironworks to the group of Russian businessmen.

The trouble with this sale is not in allegedly shady character of Russian consortium, nor with their nationality - politically incorrect for average Croatian redneck, for whom any Orthodox Christian nation belongs to "axis of evil". The trouble is that President Mesić (Mesic), man who was emasculated with recent constitutional changes, took somewhat unhealthy interest in this affair, and even signed some official protocol.

Of course, Mesic had denied any involvement, only to be caught with the pants down when the media found the incriminating paper with his official signature. Mesic claims that he didn't know what he was signing and that the document doesn't have any validity. Viktor Ivančič (Viktor Ivancic), columnist of until this day staunchly pro-Mesic Feral Tribune, couldn't resist the temptation to compare Croatian president's denials with Clinton's during Monicagate.


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