Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Another Front Opened?

According to this article, European Parliament has passed the resolution that might put the end to most popular forms of cosmetic surgery on all minors. The most affected are going to be girls who enlarge their breast with silicon.

I'm almost convinced that this measure would add to the widening rift between Europe and USA. I already envision few rabid anti-European bloggers and other commentators attacking this act as an example of "statism", "curbing the free expression" or something like that.

Those commentators might be right, to certain point. Large breasts, or, at least, breasts that are obviously enlarged through silicon, are viewed or were until very recently viewed as a specifically American cultural phenomenon. Even when women with silicon-enhanced breasts became a common sight in Europe and other parts of the world, their popularity might be traced to Playboy, Baywatch or other symbols of American cultural imperialism. So, it is not hard to imagine at least few cultural snobs among MEPs congratulating themselves for preserving the aesthetic purity of the European continent with this move and showing those pesky Yanks that the days of their cultural domination are over.


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