Thursday, February 27, 2003

Sinister Similarities

Marinko Čulić (Marinko Culic), one of the better columnists of Feral Tribune, commented on the story about Danish pizzeria owner banning French and German customers. For Čulić, this story bears striking resemblance to the case of Marinko Liović (Marinko Liovic), leader of Croatian veteran organisation, whose house had a sign "Serbs and dogs not allowed" (sign obviously inspired by similar signs "Jews and dogs not allowed", which were quite popular in Europe during WW2).

Čulić short article actually raises much more important question: Whether the so-called "civilised, enlightened" Europe (or "civilised, enlightened West" in general) is that much different from its "wild, barbaric, primitive" southeastern corner?

The answer might not be very heart-warming, at least judging by the Iraq rift. To those who were there when former Yugoslavia went to pieces, the language and even some of the actions seem eerily familiar.


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