Thursday, March 27, 2003

First Skirmishes and First Casualties

Norac verdict created first casualties. In Bibinje, settlement near Zadar, unknown perpetrators have set roadblock of their own in the middle of the night. They have sawed few pines and put the trunk in the middle of Adriatic Highway. Young man crashed his car and got seriously injured because of that.

Later in the day veterans organisations have put the roadblocks on 19 locations all over Croatia. All the roadblocks were quickly removed after police intervention. Some of those interventions were quite violent, something not seen that often during Račan's (Racan's) era.

But Račan could hardly expect the electoral backlash because of the use of force. Veterans' organisations have suffered great defeat today. Barely 1500 people gathered on the roadblocks. Unlike 2001, it was easy for police to disperse them. Račan was winner today and Croatian voters tend to side with the winners.


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