Sunday, March 16, 2003

Peculiar Choice

Many people saw Nebojša Čović (Nebojsa Covic), acting Serbian prime minister and one of the more skilful negotiators in Serbian governments, as the best and most logical choice for Đinđić's (Djindjic's) successor. But Đinđić's Democratic Party thought otherwise and selected Zoran Živković (Zoran Zivkovic), former mayor of Niš (Nis) and the last interiors minister of any entity with the name "Yugoslavia", as their candidate for prime minister.

Peculiar thing about this choice is the fact that Živković, as someone who, at least theoretically, had to improve public safety, fight terrorism and organised crime, bears at least some responsibility for the demise of his predecessor. And, strangely enough, he is the one who profited from this tragedy. This decision is going to be conspiracy theory fodder for years to come.

Incidentally, Zoran Živković has the same name as famous Serbian science fiction publisher whose business empire managed to survive the collapse of former Yugoslavia.


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