Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Another Man's Hero…

In this, rather interesting Independent article about Colonel Tim Collins, British war hero turned war crime suspect, another British colonel, Bob Stewart, is described as "Balkans hero".

I must say that I have some difficulties in picturing Stewart as "hero". Perhaps he did the best he could, perhaps his hands were tied with inadequate rules of engagement, but the fact remains that some of the worst atrocities of Muslim-Croat war in Central Bosnia 1993 happened in the are under his nominal control. And the fact remains that he didn't do anything to prevent the fighting nor massacres. Only thing was television appeal to waring sides to "stop atrocities", told with shaky voice, almost with tears in the eyes – the best possible embodiment of Western powerlessness in stopping Bosnian horrors. Perhaps he had indeed done some heroic things in Bosnia, but that story haven't been properly told. Until that happens I would take anything Stewart and Independent tell about Collins with huge grain of salt.


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