Thursday, May 22, 2003

Fox Comes To Croatia

What was until now only a speculation is now a reality. News Corp wants to get HRT3, soon-to-be privatised government-owned television channel. Advertisement in today's Slobodna Dalmacija claims that News Corp in this project is partnered with Hrvatski Telekom, country's fixed-line and mobile phone operator (controlled by Deutsche Telekomm and affectionately called Hitlerkomm on Croatian Usenet newsgroups), and Tvornica duhana Rovinj, Croatia's prime tobacco company.

So, HRT 3 is supposed to be controlled by alliance made of Right-Wing Media, Germans and Big Tobacco.

In any case, Croatian right-wingers need much better media outlet than poor old Nova TV. Today's Slobodna Dalmacija published an article that gloats over fiasco of that TV station's news programme – disastrous ratings, low salaries for reporters and general management's increasing displeasure with Tudjman's Young Turks who had been mistaken for genuine star reporters.


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