Thursday, May 15, 2003

New Developments With Nova TV

Miljenko Manjkas, deputy programme director of Nova TV has resigned today. This resignation happened only few days after four of Nova TV news reporters have quit, citing their disagreement with the TV station's editorial policy as main reason.

(Apparently, they didn't like the way that Sunday's evening news presented the final results of Story Supernova reality show as the day's most important news, even topping Jasenovac and Bleiburg memorials).

Manjkas is relatively well-known personality on Croatian media scene. He was brought to Croatian state television in late 1990s as one of Tudjman's most trusted reporters and there got in charge of news programme. Most of Nova TV stars were former Croatian state television journalists, reporters and anchors who had shared both Manjkas' youth and his connection to Tudjman's regime. It was speculated that Manjkas' involvement with Nova TV shows on which side his TV station would stand in the upcoming election.


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