Friday, May 16, 2003

No Matrix Reloaded in Split

Ekran d.o.o., Split's only cinema theatre operator, has announced that it won't show Matrix Reloaded. This follows apparent collapse of negotiations with Issa, country's movie distributor over potential profits. Ekran d.o.o. executives don't want to give higher percentage of ticket sales to Issa.

Whatever the reasons, that would present Split's movie fans with serious problem. So far I can see few alternatives:
1)watching pirate version on DVD/VCR (out of question for legal and professional reasons);
2) waiting for Matrix Reloaded to be released on DVD (which means that I could be for a long wait; this could take at least six-to eight months, perhaps even few years);
3)driving six to eight hours in the middle of tourist season towards Zagreb only to watch Matrix Reloaded and having to fight for the seats with plenty of other people who did the same (apparently, many local theatre owners in Croatia chose "Ekran"'s course of action).

On the other hand, with theatres not burdened with the insatiable demand for Matrix Reloaded, cinema theatre programme could be more diverse and exotic. I might even watch some Italian, Spanish or Hong Kong titles that would otherwise never appear in Split.


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