Saturday, May 17, 2003

Big and Small Fish

Bosnia-Herzegovina and USA have signed a treaty that prevents Bosnian authorities from arresting and extraditing American citizens to International Criminal Court. The treaty extends the protection to foreign national working for American-funded government entities on the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina. That includes Bosnians, so if, by any chance, some of local talents are "subcontracted" and flown to Guantanamo in order to apply their skills gained in places Trnopolje, Omarska and Dretelj they won't have anything to worry.

This would represent a striking contrast to the Bosnian experiences with Hague Tribunal and its broad powers, often misused by international observers to put problematic Bosnian politicians in line with the implied threat of war crimes prosecution.

In the meantime, Croatia has been offered the same deal. So far, Račan's (Racan's) government says that it won't make any decision until it receives the opinion from EU. Even Mesić (Mesic), usually more opinionated about international affairs, used the same line when asked about the treaty.


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