Saturday, May 17, 2003

City of Violence

As expected, Miljenko Mesić (Miljenko Mesic), City of Zagreb's Urban Planning Institute director and member of City's Governing Council, has been removed from his posts by City Assembly. This follows weeks of controversy caused by the incident that took place in Mesić's (Mesic's) office during the meeting with Zagreb's flamboyant entrepreneur Zdravko Mamić (Zdravko Mamic). Apparently dissatisfied with the way Mesić's department's decision not to grant building permit for his 20-storey building in the middle of Croatian capital, Mamić expressed his dissatisfaction in such manner that Mesić, according to his testimony, hadn't got any alternative but to use fists in order to protect himself.

Mesić, who belongs to HNS, third largest party in City Assembly, was quickly expelled from his party. During the vote in City Assembly, Zagreb's right-wing opposition (HDZ, HSP, HIP and HB) defended him as a "brave official who stood up to bullies", but only HB actually voted against his replacement. Other right-wing parties abstained.

This is one thing I don't like about Sim City 4. It doesn't simulate situations like these.


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